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Imperial flow nozzle manufacturers. Flow nozzles are calculated, designed and manufactured to ASME recommendations to provide high accuracy flow measurement. The flow nozzle offers some distinct advantages over the thin plate orifice in that it produces less differential pressure for a given beta ratio, resulting in an overall lower permanent pressure loss. Conversely, the flow nozzle will allow maximum flows nearly twice as great as a thin plate orifice with the same differential pressure. Accuracy is also sustained indefinitely since there are no sharp edges or protrusions to wear.

Research data - The completeness of published research data permits Imperial to provide the ASME type nozzle with an accuracy of 1 percent without the need of flow calibration. Flow calibration is available to provide nozzles with 0.25 percent accuracy when necessary.

Optimized design - Optimum design is provided on each Imperial flow nozzle since it is manufactured for a specific beta ratio or throat diameter necessary to produce the desired differential pressure consistent with minimum pressure loss, piping requirements and accuracy of measurement.

Materials of construction - Imperial flow nozzles are normally built of various carbon and stainless steels, PVC, monel, inconel, nickel, alloy 20, hastelloy C or B, or fiberglass. Other materials are available for special applications. Special coatings (i.e. tungsten carbide, aluminum oxide, stellite, etc.) and/or special surface finish are available.

Nozzle styles - Imperial flow nozzles conform to the ASME long radius configuration, both high and low beta styles.  Nozzles are available in all standard forms - flange type, weld-in type, holding ring type, and throat tap type.  Nozzles are also available in special shapes for unusual applications.

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