Orifice Plates, Orifice Flanges, Venturi Tubes, Flow Tubes, Flow Nozzles, Pitot Tubes,  Flow Controls, Valve Manifolds, Condensate Chambers, Straightening Vanes, Bleed Rings, Spectacle Blinds, Spool Pieces, Grounding Rings, Restriction Orifice Unions, Strainers. Also Meter Run Sections, Multistage Orifice Assemblies, Junior and Senior Fittings.

Custom design and manufacturing.

Imperial Flange and Fitting Company

P.O. Box 352262
Los Angeles, California  90035 (USA)

(877) 552-FLOW (3569)
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(877) 552-2565
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Imperial Flange and Fitting manufactures a full line of pressurized pipe flow measurement devices, including orifice plates, junior and senior fittings, venturi tubes, nozzles, pitot tubes, valve manifolds, unions, condensate chambers, straightening vanes, bleed rings, spectacle blinds, and spool pieces.

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Pitot Tubes Orifice Plates Orfice Flanges Venturi Tubes

Utah Water Research Laboratory Venturi Calibration Report

Nozzles Flow Tubes Orifice Fittings
Multistage Orifice Assembly Valve Manifolds Orifice Unions TA 2% Flow Tubes
Automatic Accessible Flow Controls Manual Balancing Valves Condensate Chambers, Straigtening Vanes, Spectacle Blinds, Bleed Rings, Spool Pieces

Grounding Rings

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